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Our Vision

Our vision is bringing quality mushrooms to the Texas Hill Country.

We set out to raise a variety of Gourmet Mushrooms pertaining to local Chefs interests and the communities needs.





Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the happiest Mushrooms possible and expand local markets throughout Texas.

Our Guarantee

We will provide the best quality Produce available and keep you well informed about  your food.

If you have any concerns we will gladly make an exchange. We guarantee to provide happy produce that is nutritious and will help generations of People maintain a healthy food system.


Happy Eating, Happy Farming.

Lynn & Quinn Produce


Our Produce

We take steps forward every day to gear our Farms and Produce towards sustainability and organic practices. If you would like to know more about our farm and your Produce visit the Our Farms section

Quality Gourmet Mushrooms

We care for our Mushrooms as simply as possible keeping them 100% natural and grown right here in Texas! 

Oyster Pleurotus


King Pleurotus



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Texan Grown Mushrooms and Specialty Produce

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